One Shot, One Kill, One Mission is a powerful story of survival, hope and recovery from the cold face of war to the stark reality of post-traumatic stress disorder that became a problem far beyond the battlefield. Delving deep into the life of an Army sniper.

Staff Sergeant Neil Obbard of the Adjutant General’s Corps had an extraordinary military career, having been deployed to Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. Neil became an expert sniper who was engaged in special operations combat missions. He served a vital and enduring role on the battlefield, in terms of intelligence-gathering, target identification and eliminating high-value targets.

He was also attached to the SAS in a supporting role for combat missions at various times.



‘The real thing. A frank and truthful look back over Neil’s career, his ups and downs.  He dares to go where others do not. An inspirational character, when life got in the way he and Tina fought back. Through the myriad of blood-drenched fights to the love of his family, I simply could not put this book down.’


- Captain C Hughes Royal Logistic Corps

A compelling and gripping book that I highly recommend everyone to read. It is sure to have a very powerful effect on those in desperate need of encouragement and hope.


- Tony Anthony, Author, Public Speaker and CEO of the Great Commission Society

Here is an extraordinary insight into one man's life before, during and after many years of active service, which left him struggling with PTSD and battling demons long after his service had finished. It highlights the impact that these non-visible injuries have on soldiers and their families: hopefully, it will help people out there who have been through something similar, and help them find the strength and hope that Neil found.

Gritty and brutal, yet honest and heartfelt, an extraordinary true story of how an ex-Army sniper overcame significant adversity: he has been through hell and come out the other side, and has been brave enough to bare his soul and share his inspirational story with us.

A story you need to hear.


- Lorraine Johnson, Freelance Artist

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